Bee Venom Research is Buzzing

Bee Venom research is Buzzing

The Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research (ACIR) organization is a helpful and informative source of current findings in the vast array of publications related to the subject.

In their article titled Bee Venom Throws a One-Two Punch to Kill the Tumor, the author Anna Scherer discusses a study done that researches a possible nano vaccine for slowing the growth of cancer cells. The study uses mice and injections of Melittin, which is a peptide in the bee venom, to explore how cancer cells react. It seems that the result show promise that bee venom may provoke an immune response that could delay tumor growth and do so with little or no side effects. continues to design cancer awareness gift products where a portion of proceeds are donated to cancer research charities. We investigate provocative and interesting information to share and believe that no one in our hive fights alone!

Reference, Bee Venom Throws a One—Two Punch to Kill the Tumor, March 18, 2020.

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