About Us

Our company is called Community Hive BeeCause. We create and sell products that acknowledge, motivate and support those touched by cancer.

We offer updates about charities we find interesting on the Home Page titled Cancer Charities our Hive is Buzzing About. Our focus is finding organizations whose missions include cancer research, therapeutics and family support.

Why are we constantly buzzing about bees? Well, we love them so much we specially designed and trademarked our cancer bee logo to create our own buzz. Bees are a source of significant interest to the medical research community too, and the use of bee venom for treating illness, including cancer, has been practiced since ancient times. For a more in depth explanation, please find our BEE Blog titled The Buzz and the Bee. We will update bee venom research as it pertains to cancer, immunotherapy and the like as the medical journals release new and exciting articles. In our hive we are grateful to know many medical professionals, who help us interpret the dense medical literature on cancer research and other relevant developments. 

A member of our hive includes Worker Bee Hal who directs our social media and provides us with insights for the fast paced technical world in which we fly.

Our Queen Bee and Creative Director focuses on inspiring product design and line development. 

The Community Hive BeeCause Facebook Group

Sadly, most of us have been touched by cancer or support someone who is directly dealing with the disease. Our hive hopes to offer insights and information that may be of interest to our customers by sharing motivational ideas and experiences. The Community Hive FB group is being newly developed so stay tuned, check back and listen for our buzz.