Meet Our Hive


Queen Bee

After many years as a degreed textile designer, retail buyer, president and lead designer of an event planning company, I now fly in a new direction.

My hive of friends and family is huge, but many have faced a cancer diagnosis.
When visiting a hospital or infusion center I love to bring a gift and often am searching for a little something to show my support. I formed Community Hive BeeCause…I wanted to host a one stop shop for others to support cancer awareness with unique products unlike others on the market. Our cancer bee logo was born to do just that. I am appreciative for receiving accolades for creative product design and feel grateful to share motivation and inclusivity for the fight for a cure. In my spare time I love to cook and collect antique salt and pepper shakers…BeeCause we all need a little spice in life.

Worker Bee Hal - Director of Communications & Social Media

Within the hive I am a worker bee keeping our online presence buzzing. Each summer I volunteer as a camp counselor for kids whose parents are battling cancer.  When I am beyond the hive I teach yoga sculpt BeeCause every bee needs a little zen.

G. Koch, M.D., J.D  - Legal Counsel and Philanthropic Director